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Jun 25, 2024
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Jun 25, 2024

What factors influenced Tyla's rise in brand and industry presence?

Tyla has become a prominent figure in both music and fashion circles. The singer gained widespread recognition last year with her viral dance trend on TikTok and people think she had a quick rise to fame, however, she has been doing covers since she was in high school. So how did she come to fame and what influences helped her?

Image credit Tyla’s IG

The Use Social Media

Tyla started her career on YouTube, where she covered songs by many artists. However, her big breakthrough came in the summer of 2023 with the release of her song Water which went viral on TikTok. Users everywhere danced along and posted their own videos, and even celebrities joined in, creating their own covers of the song. By the end of that summer, "Water" had reached number ten on the billboards in the US, UK, and Australia. Remarkably, Tyla became the first South African artist in fifty-five years to break into the Billboard Top 100. Her success continued with a groundbreaking win for Best African Music Performance at the 2024 Grammy Awards, marking a revolutionary milestone that is transforming the landscape of the African music industry.

Image credit CBC News

Gap Collaboration

For their Spring 2024 campaign, Tyla was featured dancing and singing, bringing a vibrant and dynamic blend of fashion and art. The campaign aimed to empower individuals to showcase their originality through GAP’s new linen collection. Tyla's confidence and individuality were perfectly showcased, making her even more relevant and admired as a true icon. Her personality fit the campaign perfectly, and her explosive presence made her even more beloved by viewers.

Furthermore, GAP’'s Linen Collection highlights the flexibility and comfort of their famous designs. The campaign focused on presenting and maintaining easygoing and comfortable looks, with a special emphasis on linen blouses and loose linen pants. Each piece was showcased for its versatility, demonstrating how personal style plays a significant role in the collection's easy and lightweight aesthetic. This campaign successfully presented GAP's signature style, emphasizing the adaptability and comfort of their new linen collection while celebrating individuality and self-expression.

Image credit HYPEBEAST

Beats x Alo Special Edition Fit Pro

Alo Yoga has partnered with Beats by Dr. Dre to introduce the new true wireless earphones. These earphones are specifically designed for people to wear while working out. They bring functionality and aesthetic appeal together with a glossy black finish and chrome accents. Listed to have premium sound quality and noise cancellation features. The partnership extensively presents a new category for the brands, a true lifestyle commodity. The campaign used Tyla as the face and was shot in the beautiful Bahamas. Additionally, Tyla spoke out on the collaboration and said: “partnering with Beats and Alo has been a dream collaboration for me.”

Image credit Apple Music

Therefore Tyla is now, musically and fashionably, a true icon. Her strong brand collaborations and her recognized efforts in the music industry have built her into the strong, Grammy-winning, true beauty model she is today. From posting on youtube at the age of 18 to going viral on TikTok for her song and even dance. She is now excelling in her career, creating milestones that leave so many people proud and this is all as she is truly staying authentically and genuinely herself.

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