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Super Bowl 2024 Marketing Strategies and Best Ads

The following statistics were gathered through an Ad Age-Harris Poll survey conducted from January 12-17 with over 1,800 respondents across different generations, aiming to understand viewer preferences for Super Bowl ads, including tone, content, casting, and related aspects.

  • 76% of respondents plan to watch the Super Bowl, marking an increase from 63% the previous year.[1]
  • 69% of respondents prefer funny ads and 14% prefer serious ones, with preferences breaking down as follows: Gen Z (67%), Millennials (66%), Gen X (75%), and Boomers (70%).[1]
  • Patriotic ads were supported by 31%, purpose-driven by 24%, and heartfelt by 32%.[1]
  • Super Bowl ads make 15% of respondents, of which 27% are Gen Z and 20% are Millennials, more likely to buy from a brand.[1]
  • Respondents preferred ads featuring animals (47%), athletes (42%), TV and movie characters (42%), and celebrities (41%).[1]
  • Millennials (74%), Gen Xers (69%), and Boomers (49%), in that order, are the most enthusiastic about the halftime show.[1]

Source: Tyler Nix on Unsplash

For millions of people across the world, Super Bowl is more than just one of the most important football games of the year; it is a part of the American culture and is one of the biggest advertising events in consumer-driven America. The Super Bowl holds a special place for marketers as it attracts a huge audience, making it a highly sought-after platform for brands to display their advertisements. Since its creation in 1967, the Super Bowl has transformed from a simple championship game into a cultural phenomenon. It all started with the merger of the NFL and the AFL. Since adopting the name "Super Bowl" in 1969, this event has become renowned for its lavish halftime shows and unforgettable commercials. With the introduction of Super Bowl V, the inclusion of Roman numerals has brought a timeless quality to every edition. Each year, the Super Bowl takes place in various stadiums, captivating a vast international audience and becoming a sort of national holiday. In addition to the game itself, the halftime show, which showcases iconic musical performances, and the eagerly awaited commercials have become essential components of the Super Bowl experience. Championship rings are awarded to the winning teams and their staff, adding to the event's cultural legacy with unforgettable moments. 

In addition to football, the Super Bowl is a unique event that brings together sports, entertainment, and marketing, making it a significant part of American culture and a global spectacle that captivates millions of viewers. As we near Super Bowl LVIII, we will delve into the Super Bowl’s marketing strategies, the best ads we've seen, and CBS's impressive accomplishment of almost completely selling out its advertising slots. Pricing, with a 30-second ad costing $6.5–7 million, shows how much brands value being in this high-stakes game. It is worth mentioning that even with the difficulties caused by limited budgets in the TV advertising industry, marketers are still very enthusiastic about participating in the Super Bowl. They understand the unique power it has to connect with a wide range of viewers. In addition, we explore the ongoing fascination of consumers with the Super Bowl, highlighting its impressive viewership of more than 115 million people during the 2023 event.

Super Bowl Halftime 

With Super Bowl LVIII approaching, CBS proudly proclaims that their advertising slots are practically sold out. The highly coveted 30-second slots are being sold at an astonishing price range of $6.5 to $7 million each. Even with the financial constraints in the TV advertising industry, marketers remain enthusiastic about the Super Bowl. The 2023 event drew in a staggering viewership of over 115 million people, highlighting its immense popularity. The wide diversity of Super Bowl LVIII ads adds excitement to this famous advertising platform's longstanding tradition. The highly anticipated halftime show, which is sponsored by Apple Music for the second year in a row and features the talented Usher, promising a blend of traditional elements and creativity. Usher's career in music, film, and television has been truly remarkable, emphasizing the significance of the halftime performance. This performance is set to solidify Usher's legendary status in the music world. The first-ever Super Bowl to be held in Las Vegas at Allegiant Stadium is expected to be a great event, thanks to the show's production, which stars DPS, Roc Nation, Jesse Collins, and director Hamish Hamilton.

The Best Of 2024 Super Bowl Ads

1. Booking.com: Returning for its third Super Bowl appearance, Booking.com is gearing up for a 30-second spot slated for the second quarter. The specifics of the commercial are eagerly anticipated, given the success of their previous LVII Super Bowl ad, which featured the comedic talents of Melissa McCarthy. As a major player in the travel industry, Booking.com aims to leverage the massive viewership of the Super Bowl to create a memorable and impactful presence, reinforcing its brand image and reaching a broad audience.

2. E.L.F. Cosmetics: E.L.F. Cosmetics is set to make a splash after halftime with a 30-second national spot during the Super Bowl. Building on the success of their previous campaigns, the cosmetics brand plans to feature the viral $14 Halo Glow Liquid Filter in their upcoming commercial. With creative direction from Shadow, direction by Zach Woods, and a previous Super Bowl spot starring Jennifer Coolidge, E.L.F. is strategically positioning itself to capture the attention of millions, emphasizing its commitment to beauty and self-expression.

3. Uber Eats: Making its fourth consecutive appearance at the Super Bowl, Uber is set to showcase a 60-second commercial for Uber Eats during the third quarter. Following the success of the previous year's ad, which featured Sean "Diddy" Combs promoting Uber One paid membership, Uber is tapping into the high viewership of the Super Bowl to further establish its presence in the competitive food delivery market. With a focus on entertaining and engaging content, Uber aims to resonate with audiences and reinforce its position as a leading player in the delivery space.

4. Kia: Celebrating its 15th Super Bowl appearance, Kia is directing its focus on sustainability and innovation in its latest commercial. The spotlight will be on the all-electric EV9 SUV, which aims to showcase its commitment to environmentally friendly driving. With a legacy of impactful Super Bowl ads, Kia's consistent presence underscores the importance of the event in reaching a massive audience and aligning its brand with cutting-edge automotive technology.

5. Volkswagen: Returning for the 75th anniversary of the Volkswagen Beetle in America, the automaker is generating excitement with a teaser spot titled "Arrival," released on January 17. As Volkswagen commemorates this significant milestone, the teaser hints at a visually compelling and nostalgic commercial that seeks to captivate viewers during the Super Bowl. This return to the big game underscores the brand's legacy and commitment to staying relevant and innovative in the automotive industry.

6. DoorDash: Making its third Super Bowl appearance, DoorDash is set to introduce its new brand platform, "Your Door To More." Collaborating with the renowned agency Wieden+Kennedy Portland, DoorDash aims to highlight the expanded offerings and services it provides. In a highly competitive market, the Super Bowl serves as a strategic platform for DoorDash to showcase its brand evolution and engage a wide audience. The emphasis on "Your Door To More" hints at a campaign that goes beyond just food delivery, positioning DoorDash as a comprehensive solution for consumers' diverse needs.

7. Kawasaki: In a notable Super Bowl debut, Kawasaki is making waves with a 30-second commercial featuring an all-new model. Handled by the esteemed agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, Kawasaki is seizing the opportunity to introduce its brand to a global audience in a memorable way. With a focus on innovation and the thrill of riding, the commercial aims to position Kawasaki as a dynamic force in the market. The Super Bowl debut underscores the significance of the event as a launchpad for new products and a platform to establish a lasting impression.

8. Paramount: Returning to the Super Bowl, Paramount is set to promote its content breadth in the "A Mountain of Entertainment" marketing campaign. As streaming takes center stage this year, Paramount aims to captivate viewers with a diverse range of entertainment offerings. With a focus on both classic and contemporary content, Paramount's presence in the Super Bowl aligns with the evolving landscape of how audiences consume media. The "A Mountain of Entertainment" campaign signals an immersive and varied content experience, catering to the diverse tastes of Super Bowl viewers.

9. Doritos: Making a return with a commercial highlighting the relaunch of the Doritos Dinamita line, the snack brand is initiating a teaser campaign featuring a mystery celebrity. Doritos aims to generate excitement and curiosity around its product relaunch during the Super Bowl commercial breaks. Known for its creative and engaging commercials, Doritos leverages the massive viewership of the Super Bowl to create buzz and reinforce its status as a go-to snack. The mystery celebrity adds an element of intrigue, inviting viewers to stay tuned for a memorable and star-studded Doritos moment.

Source: Doritos10

10. Popeyes: Stepping onto the Super Bowl stage for the first time, Popeyes is set to feature in the first quarter with an ad celebrating the permanent launch of its wings offerings. The teaser video, featuring actor and comedian Ken Jeong, provides a glimpse into what promises to be a lively and flavorful debut for Popeyes during the big game. By aligning its Super Bowl presence with a major product launch, Popeyes aims to make a memorable entry into the Super Bowl advertising arena, capitalizing on the event's unparalleled reach to connect with a broad audience.

Source: Popeyes

Popeyes' first Super Bowl commercial and a new contest to win free wings dependent on the game's outcome.

11. FanDuel: Making its second consecutive appearance in the Super Bowl, FanDuel is set to present the ad titled "Kick of Destiny 2." This in-game spot is uniquely tied to a live field goal attempt by none other than Rob Gronkowski, adding an element of real-time excitement and interaction. FanDuel continues to leverage the massive viewership of the Super Bowl to promote its fantasy sports platform, combining entertainment and sports in a way that engages audiences both during the commercial breaks and the live game.

12. Starry: PepsiCo soda brand Starry is gearing up for its debut Super Bowl appearance, marking a significant moment for the beverage company. Handled by creative agency VaynerMedia, Starry's commercial features rap artist Ice Spice, suggesting a blend of music, creativity, and a fresh approach to soda advertising. The Super Bowl provides an unparalleled stage for Starry to introduce itself to a global audience, with expectations of a visually appealing and memorable commercial that aligns with the high standards set by Super Bowl advertisements.

Source: IceSpice for Starry, PepsiCo

13. NYX Professional Makeup: Celebrating its 25th anniversary, NYX Professional Makeup is set to make its Super Bowl debut. Created in collaboration with McCann New York, the commercial showcases the Duck Plump Extreme Plumping Gloss, emphasizing both the brand's longevity and commitment to innovative beauty products. NYX Professional Makeup's entry into the Super Bowl advertising arena reflects its desire to reach new audiences and make a bold statement in the competitive beauty industry.14. Reese’s: Returning with a 30-second spot, Reese’s aims to play on the "extreme passion" that consumers have for its peanut butter-chocolate cups. Produced by Erich & Kallman, the commercial is expected to be a creative and entertaining addition to the Super Bowl ad lineup. Reese’s leverages its established brand identity and the enduring popularity of its products to create engaging and memorable commercials, reinforcing its status as a beloved treat for Super Bowl viewers.

14. Reese’s: Returning with a 30-second spot, Reese’s aims to play on the "extreme passion" that consumers have for its peanut butter-chocolate cups. Produced by Erich & Kallman, the commercial is expected to be a creative and entertaining addition to the Super Bowl ad lineup. Reese’s leverages its established brand identity and the enduring popularity of its products to create engaging and memorable commercials, reinforcing its status as a beloved treat for Super Bowl viewers.

15. TurboTax: Making its 11th consecutive Super Bowl appearance, TurboTax continues its "Make Your Moves Count" marketing campaign. Known for its clever and humorous commercials, TurboTax's ads often focus on simplifying tax season. The 2023 ad featured TurboTax Live Full Service, and the brand consistently uses the Super Bowl as a platform to engage and educate viewers about its tax preparation services.

16. Mtn Dew: Mtn Dew is set to make its first-ever Super Bowl appearance for Mtn Dew Baja Blast, celebrating its 20th anniversary. The teaser campaign, featuring a cameo from NFL "almost champions," builds anticipation for a commercial that combines the energy of the beverage with the excitement of football. Mtn Dew's entry into the Super Bowl aligns with its innovative and dynamic brand image, marking a milestone in its marketing strategy.

17. Squarespace: Continuing its Super Bowl legacy with a 10th campaign, Squarespace presents a Martin Scorsese-directed commercial. Known for past collaborations with Adam Driver, this year's commercial features a Squarespace veteran, promising a visually compelling and narrative-driven advertisement. As an advocate for empowering individuals and businesses through website building, Squarespace utilizes the Super Bowl to showcase its creative and impactful approach to online presence.

18. Oreo: Making a return with a 30-second spot in the second quarter, Oreo's commercial features Kris Jenner and is expected to highlight Oreo's impact on her life. The teaser video adds an element of anticipation, creating buzz around the tie-in between a popular figure like Kris Jenner and the iconic cookie brand. Oreo's presence in the Super Bowl emphasizes its enduring popularity and ability to connect with diverse audiences through creative and relatable storytelling.

19. Dove: Returning after an 18-year hiatus, Dove is set for a 30-second spot in the first quarter. Advocating for girls in sports and partnering with Nike for Body Confident Sport, Dove aims to contribute to meaningful conversations about inclusivity and confidence. The Super Bowl serves as a powerful platform for Dove to reinforce its commitment to social impact and connect with a broad audience through a message that goes beyond traditional beauty advertising.

20. Temu: Making its second consecutive game-day appearance, Temu steps into the Super Bowl spotlight amid a lawsuit against Shein. With a history of campaigns like "Shop Like a Billionaire," Temu anticipates an increase in traffic and brand visibility. The Super Bowl provides an opportune moment for Temu to showcase its brand personality and unique value proposition, leveraging the event's immense viewership to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

21. M&M’s: Making a return with a 30-second spot in the first commercial break, M&M’s brings NFL "almost champions" Dan Marino, Terrell Owens, and Bruce Smith together in the M&M's Almost Champions Ring of Comfort. This creative and star-studded approach aims to engage football fans with a humorous and memorable commercial. M&M’s leverages the Super Bowl's broad viewership to reinforce its brand identity and connect with audiences through a blend of sports enthusiasm and chocolatey delight.

22. Nerds: Stepping into the big game for the first time, Nerds makes its debut with a 30-second spot in the second quarter. Focused on Nerds Gummy Clusters and created by Digitas Chicago, this commercial is highly anticipated, especially with the involvement of social media sensation Addison Rae. Nerds aims to capture the attention of a diverse audience, combining creativity and the popularity of digital influencers to make a lasting impression in its Super Bowl premiere.

23. Pringles: Continuing its streak, Pringles marks its seventh consecutive Super Bowl appearance with a 30-second spot in the first quarter. The teaser campaign featuring a mystery celebrity builds anticipation around Pringles' unique and playful take on snack advertising. As a brand known for its creative approach to flavours, Pringles uses the Super Bowl platform to showcase its innovative spirit and maintain its presence in the competitive snack industry.

24. Coors Light: After a 12-year hiatus, Coors Light is set to revive the iconic Coors Train, capitalizing on recent sales momentum. This return to the Super Bowl signifies a strategic move by Coors Light to leverage nostalgia and reintroduce a familiar element to both longtime and new consumers. The revival of the Coors Train aligns with the brand's efforts to stay relevant and resonate with a broad audience during one of the most-watched events of the year.

25. BMW: After sitting out a year, BMW makes a comeback to the Super Bowl with a 60-second ad. The return indicates BMW's recognition of the Super Bowl's unparalleled reach and effectiveness in capturing a massive and diverse audience. The 60-second format provides BMW with an extended storytelling opportunity, allowing the brand to showcase its innovation, design, and commitment to excellence in the automotive industry.

26. BetMGM: Joining the Super Bowl advertising lineup, BetMGM focuses on sports betting in its planned ad for the big game. This marks BetMGM's strategic move to capitalize on the growing interest in sports betting and align itself with a major cultural event. As the legal landscape around sports betting evolves, BetMGM leverages the Super Bowl's massive viewership to introduce its brand to a wide audience and establish a presence in the competitive sports betting market.The Cost of Advertising

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

CBS has nearly sold out its advertising inventory for the upcoming Super Bowl, and they have now revealed pricing details that highlight the importance of this advertising platform. Despite the financial constraints in the TV advertising industry, marketers continue to show great enthusiasm, highlighting the lasting appeal of Super Bowl marketing. The estimated cost of a 30-second ad is an impressive $5.5 million, showcasing the significant investment companies are willing to make to secure a prime spot during this widely-watched event. The high cost of this event is a reflection of the Super Bowl's wide influence and the potential it has to boost brand recognition and attract new customers. Taking a closer look, CBS's impressive achievement of selling out all of its Super Bowl commercial time slots by November 2023 highlights the high value placed on advertising during this legendary sporting event. Each 30-second ad comes with a substantial price tag of $7 million. The variety of ad lengths brings an interesting element to the marketing industry, ranging from the traditional 30-second format to unique variations such as Reddit's brief five-second commercial in 2021. The historical context of Super Bowl advertising showcases the ever-evolving nature of marketing strategies. It is characterized by exclusive deals and creative tactics, such as Miller High Life's use of one-second increments on regional NBC affiliates. As the Super Bowl LVIII takes place at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada, the marketing strategies and their impact on brands will surely be closely analyzed in light of the event's extensive history and changing trends.

TikTok's Super Bowl Tailgate Event

@nfl SB LVIII is about to be bananas 🍌 @Gwen Stefani is headlining year 4 of #TikTokTailgate! Don’t miss the live stream exclusively on @TikTok on February 11. #gwenstefani #nfl ♬ original sound - NFL

TikTok has officially revealed its plans for Super Bowl LVIII with the announcement of the TikTok Tailgate event, a highly anticipated annual in-app event. This year, the spotlight will be on singer Gwen Stefani, who is set to captivate audiences with a live musical performance, appearances by NFL special guests, and the active participation of TikTok creators. The event is scheduled to broadcast live from the iconic Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, embracing a global audience and providing fans with hours of engaging content.

In a strategic move to broaden its reach, TikTok will not only activate the event within the app but will also extend its presence to television screens. Portions of the Super Bowl Tailgate event are slated to be featured on the CBS Super Bowl LVIII Pregame Show, exemplifying a cross-platform approach to maximize exposure. This integration into the television broadcast aligns with TikTok's trajectory in sports-related content, showcasing substantial user engagement across various major sports. As TikTok positions itself as a burgeoning music discovery platform, the Super Bowl Tailgate event becomes a unique opportunity for brands to connect with a diverse audience interested in both American football and music. The event's evolution since its inception during Super Bowl LIV underscores its growing popularity, with notable headliners like Miley Cyrus, The Chainsmokers, The Black Keys, and Jason Derulo contributing to its success. For marketers eyeing this intersection of sports, music, and social media, leveraging TikTok's Creative Centre to identify relevant hashtags presents a strategic approach for planning and ensuring maximum participation in this cultural spectacle.

How To Watch The 2024 Super Bowl

The Super Bowl will be aired on CBS and will also be available for streaming on Paramount+. Additionally, there will be an alternative broadcast on Nickelodeon. For the very first time in NFL history, the Super Bowl will be aired in two distinct formats: the CBS broadcast and a family-friendly version on Nickelodeon.

Date: Sunday, Feb. 11

Time: 6:30 p.m. ET

Location: Allegiant Stadium (Las Vegas, Nevada)

TV: CBS, Nickelodeon 

Stream: CBS broadcast on Paramount+

The Super Bowl LVIII advertising reflects the dynamic evolution of Super Bowl commercials, seamlessly integrating emerging trends and innovative marketing strategies. The anticipation surrounding audience reactions and the subsequent post-game analyses of the most impactful ads underscore the cultural significance of Super Bowl advertising as a phenomenon that transcends mere entertainment. The lasting impact on brands and consumer perception is evident as major events like the Super Bowl continue to shape the landscape of marketing strategies. As the advertising industry undergoes ongoing developments, the Super Bowl stands as a pivotal platform, showcasing not only the creativity of brands but also their ability to resonate with diverse audiences. Super Bowl LVIII serves as a testament to the enduring power of this mega-event in influencing and reflecting the ever-changing dynamics of advertising in a broader cultural context.


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