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May 8, 2024
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Apr 2, 2024

Skims Is Running Its First National TV Ad Campaign, "Skims Lab."

The well-known shapewear brand Skims, owned by Kim Kardashian, recently started its first national TV ad campaign, called "Skims Lab." With the help of an agency, the brand wanted to reach more people with a story that was both bold and interesting. The 60-second ad, which debuted at the Oscars, shows Kardashian directing a made-up version of Skims' research and development process.

Source: Skims

In the ad, Kim Kardashian and her clones are shown testing things like support, stretch, and smoothness, which are all shown on a wall of TV screens. After finishing the tests, the team meets on the deck of a spaceship orbiting a planet, wearing neutral-colored Skims clothes and clear lab coats. This creates a stunning, alien-like and futuristic scene.

Rather than presenting a serious examination of Skims' production process, Wieden + Kennedy opted for a lighthearted tone, exaggerating the brand's dedication to quality. The ad strikes a balance between showcasing Kardashian's business acumen and playing with her pop culture persona and the concept of clones. The team brainstormed numerous tests before settling on ones that were both entertaining and demonstrated the value of the products, such as a bra support test conducted on a G-force simulator.

The production of "Skims Lab" was a collaborative effort that involved industry heavyweights such as director and photographer Frank Lebon, known for his work with Dior and Supreme, and costume designer Heidi Bivens, recognized for her contributions to HBO's "Euphoria." Despite considering the use of artificial intelligence for the creative process, the team ultimately chose a more analogue approach, capturing the campaign on film to achieve a timeless and authentic look.

Moving away from its direct-to-consumer marketing approach, Skims aims to establish a stronger brand presence with "Skims Lab," particularly targeting a Gen Z audience. The campaign aligns with the brand's previous collaborations with pop culture, fashion, and sports, such as its partnership with the NBA, WNBA, and USA Basketball. For Wieden + Kennedy, the campaign represents a commitment to creating enduring and meaningful advertising that resonates with audiences, steering clear of what they describe as the "garbage" often seen in the advertising world. "Skims Lab" marks a significant milestone for Skims as it ventures into national TV advertising, showcasing the brand's innovative spirit and commitment to quality.

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