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Celebrities & Brands: Selena Gomez

Edition 3: Selena Gomes: A Multifaceted Mogul with an Impressive Business Portfolio

Selena Gomez is a well-known name that is often associated with talent and versatility. She has successfully moved from being a beloved Disney star to becoming a worldwide sensation. In addition to her music and acting careers, Gomez has made a big impact in the business world. She has proven herself to be a smart entrepreneur with a wide range of successful ventures. In this article, we will explore the various businesses that Selena Gomez has been involved in, highlighting her incredible transformation from a child star to a successful businesswoman.

selena gomez S G earings
Image Credit: Bloomberg.com

Rare Beauty: Redefining Beauty Standards

In September 2020, Gomez launched Rare Beauty, which was a huge success in the beauty sector. Gomez made a significant impact by establishing a cosmetics and wellness company that revolutionized the industry. Rare Beauty has gained a devoted following by embracing and celebrating individuality while challenging traditional beauty norms. In just one year, the brand made an impressive $60 million in revenue, and it's still growing rapidly. Its reach has been further expanded with an exclusive deal with Sephora.

Rare Beauty stands out from the many beauty brands supported by celebrities because it is dedicated to being genuine and inclusive. When Selena Gomez first started her journey in the beauty industry, many people were skeptical about yet another celebrity brand entering the scene. Rare Beauty has shown a great understanding of what its target audience wants through its marketing strategies. The brand really shows its authenticity in its marketing campaigns. They put a lot of emphasis on storytelling and featuring real-life users' experiences with Rare Beauty products.

rare beauty collage
Image Credit: herworld.com

Rare Beauty's marketing philosophy revolves around the belief that makeup should enhance a person's natural beauty instead of hiding it. Selena Gomez may not be a professional makeup artist, but she truly comes across as a genuine person. This makes her brand relatable to the millions of people who use makeup as a way to express themselves and take care of themselves. Consumers have really connected with this approach, seeing Rare Beauty as more than just a makeup brand. It has become a supportive partner in their journey towards self-acceptance and embracing their individuality.

Rare Beauty places a significant emphasis on mental health awareness and support as a crucial part of its marketing strategy. Selena Gomez, who has openly talked about her challenges with mental health, has made it a priority to support and promote this cause through her brand. Rare Beauty donates one percent of its sales to the Rare Impact Fund, a cause that aims to enhance mental health services in communities that lack access to them. The website of the brand is a central place where you can find a lot of resources related to mental health. It provides information and support to people who are in need of it. Rare Beauty's campaigns, like the #WeAre Campaign and #RareRoutine, aim to inspire people to share their stories and experiences, creating a strong sense of community and promoting openness.

Rare Beauty's marketing goes beyond just promoting products. The brand is passionate about advocating for causes, with a special focus on mental health. Rare Beauty stands out in the beauty industry because of its socially conscious approach to marketing. In a highly competitive market, where consumers, especially Gen Z, value authenticity and a genuine commitment to social causes, Rare Beauty has captured their attention.

rare beauty products
Image Credit: reallyree.com

In addition, the products from Rare Beauty have proven to support the brand's claims and marketing endeavours. These products have become extremely popular due to their high quality, effectiveness, and their commitment to being cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and dermatologist-tested. Both influencers and makeup enthusiasts have been raving about Rare Beauty products, which has only added to the brand's reputation.

Rare Beauty has found a unique way to overcome the obstacles that direct-to-consumer brands typically encounter in traditional advertising. Rare Beauty has chosen to explore alternative collaborations instead of relying heavily on traditional TV advertising. Selena Gomez's involvement in Hulu's "Only Murders in the Building" gave Rare Beauty products a chance to reach a larger audience without the need for a costly TV campaign.

Rare Beauty effectively utilizes social media and collaborates with influencers as part of their marketing strategy. TikTok and similar platforms have played a significant role in increasing brand recognition and demonstrating how products are used. Rare Beauty's online presence has been boosted by live sessions, collaborations with influencers, and the creation of engaging content.

Serendipity Ice Cream: A Sweet Investment

Selena Gomez ventured into the food industry in 2020 by becoming an owner and investor in Serendipity Brands, an ice cream brand that draws inspiration from the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York City. By making this strategic move, Gomez was able to not only expand her business portfolio but also find a way to connect her philanthropic work with her business goals.

selena gomez ice cream
Image Credit: travelandleisure.com

Selena Gomez's partnership with Serendipity Brands includes a really cool feature - she has her very own custom ice cream flavour! The flavour that carries her name has quickly caught the attention and curiosity of both her loyal fans and ice cream enthusiasts. The ice cream, called "Selena Gomez's Cookies and Cream Remix," was created to showcase her unique flavour preferences and add a touch of her personal style to the product.

In terms of marketing, Selena Gomez used her large social media following and influence to promote this collaboration. She posted captivating pictures and gave sneak peeks into the process of making ice cream on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. The sneak peeks she shared created a lot of excitement and anticipation among her followers, which really got them interested in and engaged with the product.

In addition, the decision to donate 1% of Serendipity sales to her Rare Impact Fund brought a philanthropic aspect to the collaboration. Consumers really connected with the socially conscious aspect of this, as they value brands that support causes they care about. Not only did it demonstrate Selena Gomez's commitment to making a positive difference in mental health, but it also connected her ice cream brand with a meaningful purpose that goes beyond just making money.

Selena Gomez's marketing strategy for her Serendipity ice cream venture was comprehensive, as it included various aspects such as leveraging her celebrity status, engaging with social media, and adopting a socially conscious approach. Selena Gomez managed to make a successful entry into the food industry by leveraging her star power, personal brand, and dedication to philanthropy. Throughout this venture, she stayed true to herself and connected with her audience by staying authentic and focused on her purpose. This endeavour demonstrates her skill in using her influence to achieve both business success and a positive impact on society.

Image Credit: b985radio.com

Wondermind: Championing Mental Health

Selena Gomez's personal experiences and challenges with mental health have greatly influenced her dedication to making a positive difference in this important field. She took the initiative to co-found Wondermind in 2021, a platform focused on mental health. The goal was to offer resources and support to those facing mental health challenges. Gomez's dedication to mental health advocacy is evident in this initiative, which also highlights her determination to address the often stigmatized and overlooked aspects of mental well-being.

selena gomez wondermind mental health
Image Credit: forbes.com

The marketing and promotion of Wondermind have been closely connected to Selena Gomez's genuine and transparent approach to talking about her mental health journey. Gomez often uses her strong presence on social media, especially Instagram and Twitter, to share personal stories, insights, and reflections about her own mental health experiences. Her candid communication style creates a strong connection with her audience and works towards reducing the stigma associated with mental health problems.

Selena Gomez has also leveraged her fame to bring awareness to Wondermind's mission. She has been involved in interviews, podcasts, and panel discussions where she talks about the platform's goals and emphasizes the significance of mental health awareness. These appearances not only help the platform reach more people, but they also play a role in making conversations about mental well-being more common and accepted.

Another important aspect of Wondermind's marketing strategy has been working together with mental health professionals, influencers, and advocates. Gomez has been able to expand the platform's reach and credibility by collaborating with experts in the field and like-minded individuals who are passionate about mental health advocacy. Often, these collaborations include hosting webinars, live chats, and virtual events that offer valuable insights and support for users.

selena gomez
Image Credit: wondermind.com

In addition, Wondermind's website and social media channels are great places to find a wide range of resources. They have articles, blog posts, self-help tools, and informative videos available for you to explore. These digital resources were created to help people feel more in control of their mental health and encourage them to reach out for support when necessary.

The way Wondermind is marketed really shows Selena Gomez's sincere dedication to promoting mental health. She is eager to share her own experiences and has formed strategic partnerships and gathered valuable resources. This has resulted in the creation of a platform that not only raises awareness but also offers practical support to those going through their mental health journeys. Selena Gomez's commitment to this initiative perfectly matches her overall goal of creating significant and positive change in the world.

Television and Film Production: Shaping the Entertainment Industry

Not only has Gomez appeared on our screens, but she has also made her mark behind the scenes as an executive producer. She has shown her talent in various areas of the entertainment industry through her roles in Netflix's "13 Reasons Why," "Hotel Transylvania," and her own cooking show on HBO Max called "Selena + Chef."

selena and chef
Image Credit:  imdb.com

Singing Career: Captivating Audiences Worldwide

We shouldn't overlook the fact that Gomez has a successful music career. Selena Gomez has had a successful music career with three solo studio albums and multiple albums released with her band, "Selena Gomez & The Scene." Her songs have consistently topped the charts. She has earned a significant amount of money from her successful concert tours, such as the "Stars Dance Tonight" tour and the "Revival" tour, which have contributed to her impressive net worth.

selena gomez career
Image Credit: startuptalky.com/

Endorsements and Partnerships: A Social Media Influencer

Gomez has an undeniable social media influence, with over 426 million followers on Instagram. She earns around $1.7 million for each sponsored post and collaborates with well-known brands such as Puma, Coach, Coca-Cola, Verizon, Louis Vuitton, and Pantene. Working with cookware brand Our Place adds more variety to her portfolio.

Selena Gomez's path from being a child star to becoming a versatile business mogul is a true testament to her incredible talent, determination, and entrepreneurial drive. She has a wide range of businesses, including those in the beauty industry and mental health advocacy, which shows how dedicated she is to making a positive difference in the world. Gomez's continued growth and innovation in the entertainment and entrepreneurship fields will undoubtedly have a lasting impact on future generations.

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