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May 22, 2024
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May 22, 2024

Netflix Delivers an Early Christmas Gift to NFL Fans with New Deal

With the announcement of the NFL 2024 schedule, fans were thrilled to learn about a major new partnership: the NFL has teamed up with Netflix to stream Christmas Day games. This innovative deal is set to transform sports broadcasting, providing an easy and accessible way for fans to watch their favourite teams during the holiday season.

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On Wednesday, Netflix announced that it has entered into a three-year agreement with the NFL to stream Christmas Day games on its platform. Henry Goldblatt of Netflix shared that the streaming service will exclusively host both of the NFL's Christmas Day games in 2024. Mark your calendars for 2025 and 2026 Christmas Day because they are expected to stream at least one game. 

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Who’s Playing?

This year's Christmas Day schedule is packed with excitement for NFL fans! The Kansas City Chiefs will take on the Pittsburgh Steelers, while the Baltimore Ravens will face off against the Houston Texans. 

NFL Christmas History 

Christmas Day football games have a rich history, dating back to 1971 and becoming a semi-regular occurrence in 1980. Fast forward to 2020, and they've evolved into a festive tradition, captivating audiences nationwide. Last year's trio of Christmas matchups was particularly noteworthy, ranking among the top 25 most-watched TV programs of 2023. Of these games, the Raiders vs. Chiefs showdown stood out, drawing in the highest Christmas Day viewership since 1988. Notably, the presence of both Taylor Swift and Santa Claus added to the excitement of the event. 

Can’t Spell Netflix without NFL

Netflix and the NFL have built a solid relationship over the past few years, kicking off with the popular series Quarterback in 2023. Now, gearing up for summer, Netflix is about to launch Receiver, diving into the lives of five top NFL receivers during the 2023 season, both on and off the field.

In a recent statement, Bela Bajaria, Chief Content Officer at Netflix, expresses the significance of this deal within the streaming giant's rapidly expanding content universe.

“Last year, we decided to take a big bet on live — tapping into massive fandoms across comedy, reality TV, sports, and more. There are no live annual events, sports or otherwise, that compare with the audiences NFL football attracts. We’re so excited that the NFL’s Christmas Day games will be only on Netflix.”

The NFL has been vocal about its goal to reach as many viewers as possible. Meanwhile, Netflix is renowned for its diverse range of genres and content. Together, they form an 

Benefits of Live Streaming 

  1. Increased Appeal and Visibility: With live broadcasting, Netflix can attract viewers interested in real-time events such as sports, concerts, or news, complementing its existing on-demand content.
  1. New revenue and Subscriber stream: Live events often draw large audiences, presenting opportunities for targeted advertising and partnerships, ultimately boosting revenue for the platform.
  1. Competitor in the Streaming Market: As the streaming landscape evolves and competitors introduce live content options, Netflix's expansion into live broadcasting ensures it remains relevant and competitive, maintaining its position as a leading entertainment provider.

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What else to expect from Netflix?

Over the years, Netflix has carved its niche as a go-to platform for on-demand movies and shows, but lately, it's been eyeing a bigger slice of the live sports and entertainment sector. 

Before sealing the deal with the NFL, Netflix secured the streaming rights for the highly-anticipated boxing match featuring Mike Tyson and Jake Paul. Additionally, they inked a significant 10-year agreement to stream WWE Monday Night Raw, set to kick off next year. Netflix also played host to The Roast of Tom Brady, a highlight of its Netflix is a Joke comedy festival.

NFL 2024-2025 Season Streaming 

Netflix has a track record of collaborating with various streaming platforms to bring live sports content to its viewers. One notable partnership is with Amazon Prime Video, which has held exclusive rights to Thursday Night Football games since 2021. In addition, NBC's coverage of NFL games throughout the season will be available for streaming on the Peacock app, providing fans with simultaneous access to the action.

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For those keen on catching Sunday NFL games, YouTube TV offers the NFL Sunday Ticket, providing exclusive access to all matchups on Sundays. This partnership with YouTube TV enables fans to simulcast every game conveniently.

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