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May 8, 2024
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Apr 4, 2024

LinkedIn Wants To Add Games On Its Platform

LinkedIn, a platform with over 1 billion users and now controlled by Microsoft, has established itself as a hub for professional networking, knowledge acquisition, and recruitment. With the intention of increasing user engagement and extending platform usage, LinkedIn is expanding its operations into the gaming industry. With the viral success of games like Wordle, this calculated move seeks to cash in on the growing trend of puzzle-based gaming. LinkedIn is actively creating video games, with early concepts being investigated for "Queens," "Inference," and "Crossclimb." The goal of incorporating gaming into the LinkedIn environment is to add some entertainment value, encourage stronger user connections, and possibly spark some dialogue. While LinkedIn has confirmed its entry into gaming, no official launch date has been announced, indicating that the functionality is still being developed and refined.

App researchers discovered code hinting at LinkedIn's gaming activities, with evidence pointing to a novel model in which player scores are tied to their own offices, allowing for company rankings based on game performance. This new idea shows that LinkedIn wants to combine gaming with professional networking, which could make it easier for pros to be competitive while also working together. After leaking some preliminary information, LinkedIn hasn't said much about Microsoft's role in the gaming project. This has led to rumors about possible synergies between the two companies, given Microsoft's position as a gaming giant.

Photo by Souvik Banerjee on Unsplash

Although LinkedIn's move into gaming is a big change from its usual services, it shows how the platform is flexible enough to adapt to changing user habits and tastes. LinkedIn's overall goal is to make sure that its products and services meet the needs of all of its different users. This is shown by the company's past work in areas like online learning, career development, content publishing, and video tools. This incremental method tries to add popular tools and features to LinkedIn while still keeping them useful for its business-focused users. It shows that the platform is dedicated to new ideas and puts the user first.

The suggested gaming feature would let app users play puzzle games right inside the app, and their scores would be used to make the app more competitive by ranking companies based on their own performance. Nima Owji, an app researcher, showed that LinkedIn is moving forward with the creation of a game platform that will be fully integrated into the user experience. The platform will include features like achievements, streaks, and rankings that are meant to keep users interested. LinkedIn is currently focusing on three separate games: "Queens," "Crossclimb," and "Inference." Each of these games is meant to be a simple but fun puzzle adventure. The point of these games is more than just fun. LinkedIn promotes them as a way to show off users' intellectual prowess and, by extension, the collective intelligence of their businesses. By adding social features to games like showing off the participation and company rankings of connections, LinkedIn hopes to encourage users to interact with each other and start conversations among professionals on the platform.

In essence, LinkedIn's entry into gaming marks a new chapter in the platform's history, demonstrating the company's dedication to innovation and user-centricity. By adding games to its professional networking platform, LinkedIn hopes to improve how its huge user base interacts with each other, builds relationships, and feels like a community. As the game project moves forward, the path and success of this big project will depend on how well LinkedIn and its parent company, Microsoft, work together and how the industry changes over time.

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