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Marketing Strategies Lady Gaga Used to Rebrand Haus Labs

Haus Labs, founded by international superstar Lady Gaga, is shaking up the beauty industry and changing the way people think about what it means to be beautiful. Since its 2019 launch, the cosmetics line has come to represent inclusivity, creativity, and avant-garde makeup.

Source: Haus Labs

Lady Gaga, a prominent personality in the entertainment industry, has effortlessly expanded her influence into the field of beauty. Gaga, known for her experimental flair and fearless self-expression, adds a fresh viewpoint to Haus Labs. Beyond her superstar status, Gaga is genuinely committed to reshaping the current norm and promoting self-expression for all people, regardless of gender, age, shape, size, or skin tone. Haus Labs' journey began in 2019, when the company became the first exclusive beauty brand to work with Amazon. However, the first breakthrough was not as rapid as expected, necessitating a rethinking of the original marketing strategy and the evolution of the brand.

Recognizing the need for a strategic move, Lady Gaga and the Haus Labs team chose to break ways with Amazon, resulting in an abrupt change in their distribution strategy. The move to Sephora, a beauty retail giant, marked a new chapter for the company, providing increased awareness and a platform that resonated with its evolving character. As part of its dedication to clean beauty, Haus Labs set out to eliminate hazardous substances from its formulas. Gaga's concept went beyond defying the industry's usual standards, wanting to develop cosmetics that are not only bold and long-lasting but also clean and safe for the skin. Lady Gaga's personal touch is key to Haus Labs' commitment to clean beauty. Inspired by her health struggles, Gaga pioneered the use of fermented Arnica, a major ingredient in the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation. This component, together with her commitment to honesty, has been a driving factor behind the brand's revolutionary products.

The rebranding effort at Haus Labs focused on ingredient-conscious cosmetics. The removal of 2,700 "dirty" components was an essential step toward developing formulations that promote safety, sustainability, and creativity. The Triclone Skin Tech Foundation, which contains fermented Arnica, became a symbol of the renewed dedication to quality. The extraordinarily positive response to Haus Labs' redesigned collection demonstrates the brand's successful transformation. Consumers and industry experts, one of them being Jeffree Star, praised the brand for its commitment to clean beauty without sacrificing performance or flair. The good feedback helped to improve the brand's image and strengthen its status as a pioneer in beauty.

Haus Labs Rebranded Line

Source: Instagram/@ladygaga

The Triclone Skin Tech Foundation became the flagship product of the relaunched Haus Labs. This foundation, which benefited from the power of fermented Arnica, provided immaculate coverage while also demonstrating the brand's commitment to creative, high-performance cosmetics. BioFerment 7 complex and Fermented Arnica, a fundamental ingredient in the Haus Labs formulas, demonstrate Lady Gaga's commitment to authenticity. This component, which Gaga used as inspiration for her own health journey, has come to embody the brand's combination of skincare benefits and makeup, expressing Gaga's concept of making a difference. Haus Labs' website includes a shade-matching tool for the foundation's 51 colours, ranging from 100 Light Neutral to 590 Deep Neutral. Beyond the vast shade range, the solution promises to be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin. Its unique ingredient list includes two patent-pending formulas: fermented Arnica complex and BioFerment 7 complex, which contains bio-engineered components such as fermented Shiunko, green tea, and Licorice Root. Cosmetic chemist Ginger King discusses the positive properties of these compounds. Arnica, known for its relaxing effect, complements Shiunko's skin-healing capabilities, while green tea provides antioxidants and licorice root helps to brighten. According to King, the fermentation process improves the effectiveness of these compounds in the foundation.

Source: Haus Labs

The rebranded Haus Labs had a huge impact on TikTok, harnessing the platform's novel nature. The Triclone Foundation, in particular, went viral, with users creating content highlighting the foundation's transformative impact. This organic, user-generated content increased the brand's visibility and success on the platform. Haus Labs strategically teamed with TikTok and Sephora to expand its reach. The campaign's focus element became the TikTok challenge with the hashtag #HausLabsFoundation. Collaboration with Sephora strengthened the brand's dedication to affordable, high-quality beauty products. The company defines clean as more than just excluding over 2700 suspicious ingredients. It entails carefully selecting safe and sustainably obtained natural and synthetic chemicals, as well as a commitment to developing solutions that transcend high levels of innovation, safety, and efficacy. This dedication to clean beauty goes beyond the simple removal of dangerous substances. Haus Labs redefines the term "#CleanHaus" by including a deliberate selection of safe and sustainable components, which is consistent with a larger dedication to innovation, safety, and efficacy.

Product Range

The makeup collection includes a variety of products, such as Hy-Power Eye, Cheek & Lip Pigment Paint, Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil, The Edge Precision Brow Pencil, Le Monster Lip Crayon Lipstick, PhD Hybrid Lip Oil, Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer with Fermented Arnica, and Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter. Haus Labs' rebranded product range is a testament to the brand's versatility and commitment to catering to diverse beauty needs. From vivid eyeliners to hydrating lip oils, each product reflects the brand's ethos of high-tech, high-pigment, and high-performance makeup.

Hy-Power Eye, Cheek and Lip Pigment Paint: This high-impact, multi-use paint is available in 20 shades, featuring 11 opaque mattes and 9 sheer shimmers. The paints are long-wearing and infused with hydrating and nourishing ingredients. Haus Labs' pigment paints redefine the boundaries of makeup, offering versatility with 20 shades designed for both impactful matte and shimmer finishes. The infusion of hydrating and nourishing ingredients ensures a long-wearing and comfortable experience.

Source: Allure/Channing Smith 

Optic Intensity Eco Gel Eyeliner Pencil is available in 13 mattes and 5 shimmers. These eyeliners apply like a pencil, glide on like a liquid, and are long-wearing and waterproof. They come in plastic-free packaging and have a brush for blending. Innovative and eco-conscious, the gel eyeliner pencils combine the ease of a pencil with the smooth application of a liquid liner. The range of matte and shimmer shades, along with the inclusion of a blending brush, caters to diverse eyeliner preferences.

The Edge Precision Brow Pencil was upgraded with a clean formula and new packaging. This dual-ended brow pencil comes in 13 shades, offering precise, realistic-looking hair strokes and conditioning benefits. Haus Labs' commitment to clean beauty extends to brow products, exemplified by the upgraded Precision Brow Pencil. With 13 shades and a dual-ended design, it allows users to achieve precise, realistic hair strokes while providing conditioning benefits.

Le Monster Lip Crayon Available in 12 demi-mattes and 1 shimmer, these creamy lipsticks are long-wearing, comfortable, and moisturizing, with an intense colour payoff. The Lip Crayon Lipsticks embody Haus Labs' dedication to delivering a luxurious lip experience. With a range of demi-matte and shimmer shades, these lipsticks offer long-lasting, comfortable wear coupled with intense colour payoff.

Source: Haus Labs

PhD Hybrid Lip Oil: Upgraded with a clean formula and new packaging, these lip oils are available in three  shades and one clear option, providing a hydrating tint without stickiness. Innovation meets hydration with the upgraded Hybrid Lip Oils. Featuring a clean formula, these lip oils offer a tinted, non-sticky finish, catering to those seeking both nourishment and a touch of colour for their lips.

Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer with Fermented Arnica is infused with fermented arnica and rapeseed oil. These bronzers come in 12 shades, offering skincare benefits and a natural skin-like finish. Haus Labs elevates the bronzer game by infusing skincare benefits through fermented Arnica and rapeseed oil. With 12 shades, the Power Sculpt Velvet Bronzer aims to provide a natural, skin-like finish while nourishing the skin.

Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighter is available in 10 shades. These highlighters provide lasting effects up to 12 hours after application and are infused with ingredients offering antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Highlighting meets skincare in the Bio-Radiant Gel-Powder Highlighters. With 10 shades to choose from, these highlighters promise lasting effects while incorporating ingredients known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The virality of user-generated content featuring the foundation's application and its impact contributed significantly to the brand's reach and popularity among a diverse audience. The strategic collaboration with TikTok and Sephora marked a turning point in Haus Labs' marketing strategy. The TikTok challenge, featuring the original audio and the hashtag #HausLabsFoundation, engaged users in a transformative experience. Partnering with Sephora amplified the brand's accessibility, ensuring that the products reached a broader consumer base.

Source: Haus Labs; Photographer: Domen & Van de Velde

Haus Labs' journey from initial challenges to strategic rebranding exemplifies Lady Gaga's commitment to pushing boundaries in the beauty industry. The brand's emphasis on clean beauty, innovation, and inclusivity sets it apart, shaping the future landscape of the beauty industry. As the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation continues to make waves and the rebranded product line gains momentum, Haus Labs stands at the forefront of the beauty revolution, proving that reinvention is not just an option but a necessity for brands aiming to leave an enduring mark.

Haus Labs has strategically positioned itself as a trendsetter, relying heavily on influencer marketing. At the forefront is Lady Gaga, the driving force behind the brand, who has not only infused her creativity into the products but has also become the main face of the brand. Collaborations with celebrity makeup artists and in-house education trainers provide a unique blend of expertise and innovation. The brand's influencer marketing extends beyond the glamour of celebrity partnerships, embracing micro and macro influencers. The strategy encompasses a diverse range of influencers, with a particular focus on micro-influencers (10k–100k followers) and macro-influencers (100k–1M). This intentional choice emphasizes authenticity, relatability, and the ability to connect with a wider audience.

Amy Sussman/GI

Haus Labs' social media strategy is a masterclass in engagement and growth. Instagram serves as a visual canvas for the brand, showcasing a variety of content types that not only highlight product features but also embody the brand's ethos. The evolution of Haus Labs on TikTok has been nothing short of spectacular, leveraging the platform's trend-centric nature to amplify its reach. A comparative analysis with competitors, such as Fenty Beauty, reveals the unique strategies employed by Haus Labs. Engagement metrics and content types on Instagram, as well as the evolution of TikTok, shed light on the brand's success and innovation in the social media landscape.

TikTok, a hub for trends and authenticity, became the canvas for Haus Labs' groundbreaking campaign. The first TikTok campaign and challenge centred around the Triclone Skin Tech Foundation saw Lady Gaga's personal involvement. The use of original audio, featuring Gaga's dramatic statements about the transformative effects of the foundation, contributed to the campaign's virality. Collaborations with TikTok creators, including micro-influencers like Mikayla Nogueira and Spencer Hedges, added a diverse touch to the campaign. The #HausLabsFoundation challenge, coupled with the allure of a $1,000 Sephora gift card, engaged the TikTok community, driving brand awareness and user-generated content.

An exclusive interview with key executives—Kelly Coller (CMO), Ben Jones (CEO), and Dave Marchi (VP of Brand Marketing)—provides a behind-the-scenes look at Haus Labs' strategies. Insights into past strategies, the decision to shift from Amazon, Lady Gaga's influence, and the strategic vision for the brand offer a comprehensive understanding of the brand's journey.

Source: Haus Labs, TikTok

Haus Labs' entry into Phase Two signifies a new era for the brand. The relaunch, exclusively with Sephora, introduces approximately 100 new stock-keeping units across eye, lip, and cheek cosmetics. The overhaul of consumer touchpoints, from packaging to formulas, logos, and advertisements, emphasizes the brand's commitment to innovation and the consumer experience. Lady Gaga's vision for the future of clean makeup, along with the differentiation strategies employed, sets the stage for a compelling narrative. Reflecting on market conditions, Lady Gaga's evolving persona, and the implications for Sephora's celebrity brand strategy. Haus Labs stands out not just for its vibrant products but also for its commitment to clean and sustainable beauty. The exploration of certified clean formulations at Sephora, the elimination of harmful ingredients, and charitable initiatives—contributing $1 from each purchase to Lady Gaga's Born This Way foundation—highlight the brand's multifaceted approach to beauty. As Haus Labs continues to redefine beauty norms and embrace innovation, Lady Gaga's unwavering influence ensures that the brand remains at the forefront of the clean beauty revolution.

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