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May 8, 2024
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May 6, 2024

Everything You Need to Know About the Drake-Kendrick Feud

The hip-hop industry has, in more traditional terms, remained one of its zones for lyrical wars. The beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar begins with a string of highly publicized personal exchanges that would take an unforeseen and violent turn. It goes into the timeline of their ongoing strife, mapping out the important events and tracks that have defined this clash.

Source: The Come Up Show on Flikr

The Background

Drake and Kendrick Lamar started off really friendly. They even worked on a few things together; Kendrick quite prominently on Drake's 2011 album 'Take Care', and Drake returning the favour on Kendrick's 'Good Kid, M.A.A.D City'. The genesis of their discord, however, can be pointed toward Lamar's 2013 verse on Big Sean's "Control," where he challenged most of the top rappers, including Drake. That was the beginning of an ice-cold relationship that has since turned into a full-blown lyrical war.

Escalation and Key Events

March 26, 2024: Kendrick's Opening Salvo

Kendrick Lamar reignited tensions with his verse on the track “Like That” from Future and Metro Boomin’s album. Lamar's lyrics targeted Drake and included a scathing dismissal of the "Big Three" – a term that includes J. Cole alongside the duo, suggesting a shift in the hip-hop hierarchy. This track set the stage for a series of musical responses from both artists.

April 13, 2024: Drake's Retaliation with "Push Ups"

Drake would answer with "Push Up," a record that was part reply to Lamar's barbs, part its own share of jabs aimed at some of the artists attached to Lamar, including Rick Ross and A$AP Rocky. From its leak to the official premiere, it's only been adding more layers to the complexity of their beef, with accusations and personal jabs being thrown left and right.

April 19, 2024: Drake Coaxes a Response

On "Taylor Made," Drake literally flirted with the idea of baiting Lamar into a more direct confrontation by borrowing images and voices of hip-hop legends like Tupac, essentially blurring the lines of homage and mockery.

April 30, 2024: Kendrick’s "Euphoria"

Lamar's "Euphoria" represented a significant advancement, combining criticism of the industry with personal jabs. In "Euphoria," Lamar in part suggests Drake may grapple with authenticity issues and bemoan his personal behaviour, setting the tone for the conversation.

May 3, 2024: A Day of Musical Volley

Kendrick dropped "6:16 in LA" in the wee hours, with a jibe at Camp Drake betrayal by an insider, while by the evening, it was Drake and the release of "Family Matters," a dark, revealing track that brought personal issues and allegations into the spotlight. This was followed in short order by Kendrick's "Meet the Grahams," which levelled personal gripes and accusations of his own.

May 4, 2024: Lamar's "Not Like Us"

This track from Lamar pushed the boundaries further, with stark accusations and a threatening tone that suggested the conflict was far from over.

May 6, 2024: The Latest Developments

Drake released "The Heart Part 6," a track that appears to be an attempt to clarify and possibly defuse some of the tension that has escalated over the past month. In this song, Drake addresses the misinformation and rumours that have been circulating, suggesting that Kendrick Lamar has been misled by false intelligence within his own camp. This move by Drake showcases his attempt to shift the narrative, focusing on misinformation and the need for careful verification of facts.

Drake’s lyrics in "The Heart Part 6" also serve as a denial of the more serious allegations that have been made against him, particularly those involving inappropriate relationships. He pointedly distances himself from any behaviour that could be seen as predatory, emphasizing his interactions with adults and denying any impropriety. This may be a direct response to the intense scrutiny and potential harm to his reputation that Lamar's previous tracks have caused.

The feud has rippled through the hip-hop community, influencing other artists and fans alike. Audiences and critics have dissected each track, sorting through the voluminous layers of references and accusations. The artists' use of social media and public appearances as platforms for their rivalry underscores the modern dynamics of musical feuds, where the lines between personal and public, direct and indirect, are increasingly blurred.

As of now, the Drake-Kendrick Lamar feud remains unresolved, with both artists continuing to produce music that addresses, directly or obliquely, their rivalry. This feud not only highlights their lyrical skills and personal grievances but also reflects broader themes of authenticity, loyalty, and legacy in the hip-hop industry.

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