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May 8, 2024
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Nov 21, 2023

Everything you need to know about Blue Standard

What is Blue Standard?

Blue Standard is a prestigious recognition within Brand Vision Insights dedicated to highlighting businesses across various industries that maintain exemplary standards. This award honors companies excelling in innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction, and several other key categories, showcasing their commitment to excellence in their respective fields.

Criteria for Selection

Businesses are evaluated based on a comprehensive set of categories, including customer satisfaction, cost and fees, scheduling/response time, innovation/impact, variety of services, and online presence. The only businesses that qualify for Blue Standard are those that receive an average score of 8.5 or higher in these categories.

Criteria for Each Category

- Customer Satisfaction:

To rate customer satisfaction, we analyze all available reviews, social media comments, and other customer opinions about the business. This includes examining both the content and quantity of feedback and comparing it with other businesses in the same industry for a well-rounded assessment.

- Cost and Fees:

For this category, our team compares a business's charges to the quality of their services or products, alongside their affordability and feasibility for potential clients. This evaluation is benchmarked against similar industry businesses to ensure a balanced assessment of cost-effectiveness and value.

- Scheduling/Response time:

For this category, we assess a business's responsiveness relative to its industry peers, analyzing client feedback on their promptness and attentiveness. We also evaluate the variety of communication methods they offer, such as in-person, Zoom, phone, and email, to gauge their overall efficiency in client interactions.

- Innovation/Impact:

In this category, we evaluate how a business differentiates itself through unique innovations compared to competitors and its significant positive contributions to the community and global environment. This rating reflects both the uniqueness of their approach and their broader societal and environmental impact.

- Variety of Services:

Our assessment focuses on the range and diversity of services offered by the company relative to its competitors. This rating assesses the extent and comprehensiveness of the company's service portfolio within its industry. 

- Online Presence:

For this category, we evaluate the quality of the business's website, its activity level across various social media platforms, and its organic website traffic, among other factors. This rating encompasses a comprehensive view of the business's digital footprint and effectiveness in engaging with its online audience.

Benefits of Being Featured

Being recognized in the Blue Standard offers several advantages:

- Brand Recognition and Credibility: This recognition showcases your business's achievements, boosting brand credibility.

- Market Differentiation: Being part of Blue Standard sets your business apart in the industry, highlighting it as a leader.

- Enhanced Online Visibility: Being recognized as a Blue Standard business offers numerous advantages that help with your online traffic and visibility, including enhanced online visibility and traffic. In addition to a feature in the Blue Standard Recognized business section of the Brand Vision Insight publication, your business will be showcased across various Brand Vision social media platforms, reaching an audience of thousands. Additionally, you will receive a distinctive badge to display on your website, further signifying your esteemed status.

- Attracting Talent and Partnerships: This accolade can help attract top talent and potential business partnerships, leveraging the prestige and recognition associated with the Blue Standard.

Geographic Scope

There are no strict geographic limitations for Blue Standard recognition. Businesses from around the world are eligible, provided they meet the high standards and criteria set for the award. 

How to Apply?

To apply for the Blue Standard, please send an email to info@brandvm.com. One of our agents will contact you regarding the necessary documentation requirements to be submitted. We review applications regularly to identify businesses that meet or surpass our standards.