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Jun 7, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024

How Béis Luggage is Expanding its Reach with a Groundbreaking Social Media Campaign

Have you ever had a brilliant idea for a brand and wished they would bring it to life? This dream became a reality for popular TikTok creator Robyn DelMonte, better known as Girlbosstown.

Image credit Girlbosstown IG

Béis has recently unveiled an exciting new campaign for Father’s Day. Traditionally, the brand has captivated a primarily female audience, with its core demographic being women aged 24-35. However, over the past year, Béis has been making a concerted effort to attract male customers as well. Liz Money, the brand's Senior Vice President of Brand and Creative, emphasizes this strategic shift as a key move to diversify its customer base and broaden its market reach. This initiative marks a significant step in Béis’ journey to become more inclusive and appeal to a wider range of consumers.

Image credit Beis website

Where The Idea Originated 

About six months ago, Money discovered a TikTok video from influencer Robyn DelMonte. In the video, DelMonte proposed a creative idea for a Father’s Day campaign that she would launch if she worked for Béis. Known as "the internet’s agent," DelMonte has gained fame not only as a social media sensation but also as a creative consultant for various brands.

Her latest venture was inspired by a viral TikTok trend about the "Airport Dad" a type of man who arrives at the airport several hours early, boarding pass printed, and itinerary in hand, where their significant other does not have to worry about anything. 

@girlbosstown #stitch with @GirlBossTown *secret project* coming soon @Beis Travel @Shay Mitchell ♬ original sound - GirlBossTown

The concept caught the attention of Money, who loved the idea and decided to bring DelMonte on board. Together, they co-led the production of a unique and engaging campaign, combining DelMonte’s internet-savvy insights with Money’s vision.


On June 3, Béis unveiled an engaging Father's Day campaign across its social media platforms. Founder Shay Mitchell took to TikTok and Instagram, offering her fans exclusive behind-the-scenes content that added a personal touch to the campaign.

The campaign stars notable influencers, including menswear creator Michael Justin and NFL player turned TikTok sensation Isaac Rochell. This initiative represents a significant milestone for Béis, as it is the first time the brand has partnered with external influencers for a creative campaign. This collaboration highlights a broader trend of brands increasingly teaming up with influencers to elevate their content creation strategies and connect more authentically with their audiences.

Image credit Shay Mitchell, IG


The campaign highlights Béis's dedication to offering premium travel essentials by prominently showcasing items from its core travel luggage line. Beyond its standard luggage, Béis continually introduces new items in a number of categories, such as fashionable totes, useful Dopp kits, and easy-to-use belt bags. Each drop reflects Béis's dedication to meeting the diverse needs of its customers, ensuring they travel in style and comfort.

Image credit Beis Wesbite

What Else From Béis?

Béis has been actively working to highlight its core products through various innovative campaigns and events. Recently, the brand gained attention with its Airport Dad campaign, but that’s just the beginning. At the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in late April, Béis held a pop-up featuring its main offerings. Before that, the company hosted a two-day event called Béis Wash at its Melrose Avenue location in New York City, where consumers could bring in their Béis bags to have them cleaned for free.

Béis is also embracing collaboration more than ever. For the Béis Wash event, the brand collaborated with Branch Basics and Scrub Daddy in addition to DelMonte. A collaboration with Anthropologie and a line featuring model Elsa Hosk were also recently introduced. Excitingly, there are more product collaborations planned for later this year.

“I love to find ways to amplify the products we already have on a mass level and show our customers that we appreciate their loyalty,” said Money.

These efforts reflect Béis' commitment to not only showcasing their products but also to fostering strong relationships with their customers and partners.

What’s The Point? 

The Airport Dad campaign illustrates a valuable lesson: brands can gain significant insights by actively listening to their consumers. Audience feedback is crucial for any brand's success, providing invaluable information that can shape marketing strategies and product development. By tuning in to what their customers are saying, brands can better understand their needs, preferences, and pain points, leading to more effective and resonant campaigns. This approach not only fosters a deeper connection with the audience but also drives continuous improvement and innovation.

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