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The Questionable Marketing Strategy of Bang Energy Drink and Its Success

bang energy
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Industry leaders like Red Bull and Monster dominate the highly competitive energy drink market. But in 2012, a new player called Bang Energy entered the scene, bringing with it a bold marketing strategy that aimed to shake things up. In 2020, Bang Energy became widely recognized as the energy drink with the fastest growth rate, giving tough competition to popular brands like Red Bull and Monster. It's quite impressive that Bang Energy managed to accomplish this, all while only spending a small amount of $2,200 on traditional media advertising. What is the reason for this sudden and rapid increase? They came up with a groundbreaking influencer marketing strategy that completely transformed the energy drink industry.

The Power of Influencer Marketing

The story of Bang Energy's rise as a game-changer in the industry showcases just how powerful influencer marketing can be. Instead of just using influencers to sell products, Bang Energy focused on using influencers to create a strong brand presence and generate a lot of attention. Instead of occasional collaborations, the brand decided to establish lasting partnerships with influencers, who are appropriately called brand ambassadors. Bang Energy was able to build strong and long-lasting relationships with influencers by using a unique approach. This allowed them to consistently create genuine content that really connected with their intended audience.

The way Bang Energy cleverly incorporated discount codes completely transformed their influencer marketing strategy. By giving influencers their own special codes, we were able to encourage viewers to buy things and also learn more about how effective each influencer was. The codes were designed to make people feel like they were part of something special and important, encouraging them to take advantage of the opportunity. Additionally, Bang Energy recognized exceptional content creators whose videos garnered significant views and engagement. The brand was able to reach a wider audience by leveraging their success and targeting specific demographics. In addition to their success as influencers, Bang Energy's impressive growth caught the attention of PepsiCo, a major player in the industry. This led to a strategic distribution partnership between the two companies. This collaboration helped Bang Energy reach new levels of success in the highly competitive food and drink industry. Moreover, what made Bang Energy's creator recruitment strategy impressive was its dedicated landing page. This page streamlined the collaboration process and made sure that expectations and criteria were communicated clearly. This sets a high standard for other brands that are looking for influencers.

bang energy
Image Credit: whiskeycreative.agency

Building a Community of Brand Ambassadors

Just having millions of followers isn't enough to become a Bang Energy brand ambassador; you need to do more. Prospective influencers need to have a strong alignment with the brand's identity. This identity is all about being young, athletic, and full of energy, representing a lively and dynamic way of living. Imagine having a beautiful sun-kissed complexion and being open to showcasing branded swimsuits or athletic wear in your content creation. Bang Energy holds casting calls to find influencers who embody the energetic and dynamic Bang aesthetic. This helps them identify suitable influencers for their brand.

Long-term brand ambassador partnerships are becoming more popular in influencer marketing as the industry evolves. Brands are now more interested in forming long-term partnerships with influencers than just occasional collaborations. Extended relationships not only give brands a consistent flow of content, but they also help build trust with their audience. Consumers nowadays are becoming increasingly worried about influencer fraud and fake content. As a result, they tend to trust brands more when they have long-lasting partnerships with influencers.

Personalized Marketing: Targeting Gen Z

Image Credit: bangenergycasting.com

The marketing strategy of Bang Energy is a perfect fit for the current era of personalized marketing, specifically targeting Generation Z consumers. Influencer-generated content has proven to provide a significant return on investment. According to reports, businesses have seen returns as high as $6.50 for every $1 they invest in influencer marketing. Bang Energy provides content creators with a great deal of creative freedom, only asking them to include a can of Bang Energy and the #bangenergy hashtag. These straightforward instructions are enough to generate brand awareness, especially among a younger audience.

Millennials and Generation Z have different purchasing habits compared to traditional norms. When friends, family members, or influencers recommend a product, people are more likely to believe them. Influencer content has a way of coming across as genuine, which can be really convincing for consumers. It makes them believe that a product actually lives up to its promises. When an influencer makes content that shows them using a product, it provides real proof that the product actually works.

TikTok: Bang Energy's Gen Z Gateway

Image Credit: mww.com

When it comes to social media, it's just as important to choose the right platform as it is to create interesting content. Bang Energy cleverly identified TikTok as the ideal platform to connect with college students and fitness enthusiasts who are looking for an energy drink that offers nutritional advantages. TikTok is not only one of the social media platforms that is growing rapidly, but it has also surpassed Google to become the most visited website in the world.

The TikTok account of Bang Energy has an impressive 1.5 million followers, and their branded hashtag, #BangEnergy, has received an incredible 16.5 billion views. Did you know that Jack Owoc, the CEO of Bang Energy, has a large number of followers on TikTok? The platform gives Bang Energy a lot of visibility among its main audience, which is something no other platform can offer. The brand's extensive network of brand ambassadors makes it possible for them to achieve this by producing a large number of videos each month.

The stuff you see on TikTok is really interesting. It's full of new and exciting people doing all sorts of fun things, and they often show themselves enjoying Bang Energy drinks. In addition to looking great, this content earns trust by featuring well-known influencers. Choosing the right platform is really important for connecting with your target audience. The success of this strategy shows just how crucial it is.

The Art of Brand Representation

Bang Energy's decision not to invest in traditional marketing is not just about saving money. The company has made a conscious and thoughtful choice to build a real connection with its main audience: Generation Z consumers. Younger consumers no longer connect with the traditional marketing funnel, which used to follow a linear path from awareness to purchase decisions. People desire to see themselves reflected and to feel a genuine connection with the brands they choose to support. Bang Energy effectively communicates its message to consumers by investing in long-term partnerships with influencers who naturally represent the brand's identity. These brand ambassadors are genuine representatives who establish a personal connection with consumers. Building trust through long-lasting partnerships strengthens brand loyalty and encourages active participation from consumers.

Image Credit: linkedin.com

The success of Bang Energy in the energy drink market shows how influencer marketing can make a big impact when done well. Bang Energy achieved incredible brand awareness and sales growth by focusing on long-term brand ambassador partnerships, creating personalized marketing campaigns specifically for Generation Z, and wisely choosing platforms like TikTok. Bang Energy's influencer marketing strategy is a great example of how to connect with today's consumers, who value authenticity and personalization. In today's ever-changing marketing world, it's important for brands to learn from the incredible journey of Bang Energy and the valuable lessons it offers.

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