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May 27, 2024
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May 24, 2024

Rum Meets Rhythm: Bacardí and Camila Cabello Unveil New Music and Refreshing Flavors!

Bacardí Rum has enlisted Camila Cabello to kickstart the summer season in style, introducing fresh tunes and flavours to the mix.

As summer rolls around, it's prime time for the renowned rum brand, often celebrated for embodying "sunshine in a bottle." Over the years, the marketing team has seized the arrival of each season as an opportunity to build upon the foundation of "Do What Moves You," a brand platform introduced in 2018. This dynamic concept centres on the power of music and dance to inspire and connect with audiences.

Photo by Bacardí

The Campaign 

Bacardí made waves with the announcement of a thrilling multi-year partnership featuring none other than the talented Camila Cabello. This marks her exciting debut in the world of spirits, joining forces with Bacardí's global "Do What Moves You" platform, promising an extraordinary collaboration ahead.

In a captivating campaign spot, Cabello commands the spotlight, synchronized with the infectious beats of her latest hit, "I LUV IT," now available for streaming on all major platforms. This dynamic single offers a tantalizing preview of what's in store from Cabello's eagerly awaited fourth album, fittingly titled "C, XOXO," slated for release this summer.

Set to the pulsating rhythm of Cabello's new hyperpop anthem, "I Luv It," Bacardí’s latest "Do What Moves You" ad brings sound to life in a vivid spectacle. From lightwaves dancing through a bottle of rum to the yellow divider on the road and a mesmerizing explosion of sand reminiscent of scenes from "Dune," every element resonates with the power of music. As Cabello and her entourage groove to the beat, the lights of a beachside apartment complex mimic a visual equalizer, while a breathtaking wide shot captures an entire skyline aglow with synchronized energy.

Photo by Bacardí

Behind The Campaign 

After Bacardí settled on the soundwave concept, they conducted multiple rounds of both qualitative and quantitative testing. Once satisfied, they collaborated with Cabello’s team to develop a comprehensive plan. The production phase entailed a five-day shoot in the Dominican Republic, followed by a substantial visual effects endeavour to animate the choreography and diverse soundwaves, resulting in a truly immersive experience.

Crafted in partnership with BBDO New York over a span of two years, the campaign seamlessly weaves together the brand's rich heritage, practical features, and the addition of a dynamic new brand ambassador. This vibrant ad celebrates themes of self-expression, unity, pure joy, and the essence of summer.

The creative vision behind the campaign was brought to life by director Nicolás Méndez, Co-Founder of CANADA, a renowned figure in the industry who has worked with international chart-toppers such as Rosalia, Travis Scott, and Tame Impala.

The Campaign Launch 

The campaign commenced during the NBA playoff broadcasts on ESPN and TNT, marking the start of an extensive media journey. This comprehensive plan encompasses both digital platforms and traditional channels such as television and out-of-home advertising.

Building on the success of previous iterations of the "Do What Moves You" campaign, Bacardí has expanded its reach to platforms like SoundCloud, and Snapchat, and even ventured into the realm of NFTs in past campaigns. These collaborations promise thrilling augmented reality encounters, perfectly timed to coincide with Camila Cabello's album release and numerous music festival happenings this year.  

According to Mignoni, the shift toward audio formats represents a significant evolution in how consumers engage with media. As she puts it, "The way that we all consume media right now, it’s so fragmented, but we will spend so much time in audio, that will probably be the biggest shift that we’ve had as a brand." Recognizing this trend, Bacardí has been ramping up its investment in audio formats, leveraging its immersive nature to capture audience attention in an increasingly multitasking world. 

Why Camila Cabello?

In teaming up with Cabello, Bacardí has discovered a rising pop sensation whose roots resonate deeply with the brand's own identity. She states, “The campaign we worked on is unlike any project I’ve done before. I can’t wait for fans to experience it.”

"She hails from Cuba and was raised in Miami, which mirrors our own journey: originating in Cuba and flourishing in Miami," Laila Mignoni, Bacardí’s global head of brand marketing explained, highlighting a partnership that celebrates the vibrant cultural tapestry of the Florida city, serving as a bridge to Latin America.

Photo by Bacardí 

“Do What Moves You” Platform Past 

Music serves as an everlasting remedy, infusing vitality into the 160-year-old brand and securing its continued significance. Past versions of the campaign have showcased esteemed musicians, including the energetic dancehall DJ ensemble Major Lazer, esteemed hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz, and the captivating rapper Meek Mill. Particularly noteworthy was Meek Mill's involvement in a notable remix of Miami Sound Machine’s classic hit “Conga,” elevating the campaign's liveliness and cultural impact.

New Flavour 

Bacardí has teamed up with the incomparable Camila Cabello to bring you a revamped classic - the Rum Punch you know and love, now with a fresh twist curated by Camila herself.

Crafted with Bacardí Superior and infused with Camila's favourite ingredients, this signature cocktail is a delightful fusion of flavours, boasting hints of passion fruit, lime, coconut water, and a touch of St. Germain. It's a refreshing take on a timeless favourite that's guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

But that's not all - Bacardí is going above and beyond to support Camila on her musical journey. As she gears up to drop her highly anticipated new album, expect a whirlwind of events and performances around the globe, all featuring the iconic "I LUV IT" Punch. It's the perfect harmony of music and mixology, brought to you by Bacardí and Camila Cabello.

Photo by Bacardí

Ready to shake up your summer? Dive into the full recipe below and unleash your inner mixologist. And for more serving suggestions and inspiration, head over to the Bacardí website.

I LUV IT Punch Recipe (one serving)  

  • 60 Ml Bacardí Superior
  • 15 Ml St. Germain
  • 15 Ml Passion Fruit Nectar
  • 15 Ml Lime (Juice Of About Half A Lime)
  • 30 Ml Coconut Water
  • Lime Wheel And Toasted Coconut Flakes As Garnish

Get ready to be spinn', dancin' and luvin' to the rhythm of Bacardí and Camila Cabello as they set the stage for an unforgettable season ahead. 

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