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Jun 7, 2024
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Jun 7, 2024

Arcade Bars in Toronto

Summer has come along and the weather has been absolutely stunning. This also means it is time to come out from hibernation and start doing things that make you laugh. One of those things I encourage you to go to are arcades, read along for why and where. There are a ton in Toronto and these gaming bars always provide the attendees with an amazing time. Believe it or not, arcade games have been proven to enhance your working memory, so get your game on with these easily accessible and interestingly fun establishments that are located across the city.


Fascinating and Fun 

Image credit Tilt IG

Sitting at 1255 Queen street you can find Tilt Arcade bar, open from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am daily. They offer all you can play for seven dollars and have over eighty games to choose from as well as over thirty different varieties of beer. In addition, they have a whole menu dedicated to American styled cuisine and desserts and offer all day breakfast. No reservation required or option, it is first come first serve.

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Digital and Dazzling

Image credit Freeplay Arcade IG

Located at 300 College street right by the intersection of Spadina and College, Freeplay operates daily from 5pm to midnight. This place is known for having the largest selection of hockey games with over two floors of just pure games and a bar serving drinks all night long. With a food menu offering pizza, burgers and even some Mexican options as well as appetizers and fun cocktails.

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Old School and Outgoing

Image credit ZED-80 IG

Found at 185 Danforth Avenue, opening at 6pm and closing at 1am this arcade is less than a five minute walk from Broadview subway station. Running on a first come, first serve basis Zed-80 allows minors to come in and play, just no drinking for the young kids (besides water/pop). Additionally, there is a food menu that all ages can eat from. With an american styled menu offering small platters and snacks. However, those 19+ have an extensive beer list to choose from and a ton of coolers. There are over 40 games to choose from ranging from pin-ball to console games.

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Classic and Cozy 

Image credit Charlotte's Room IG

Charlotte's Room is open daily from 4pm to midnight and is found at 212 King st west. This arcade bar may not be as large as others, however, it has a great menu filled with all that late night food you crave along with beer and cocktails. Although they are known for their pool tables they have quite the game selection, I suggest you go and find out for yourself.

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Spacious and Social

Image credit Rec Room Roundhouse IG

Within close proximity of the CN Tower, located at 255 Bremner Blvd the rec room in Toronto has a massive offering for the public. With hours operating from 11:00 am until 2:00 am. Whether you are hosting a fun event for a group of people or hanging with a friend, the rec room accommodates all!  There are a couple bars inside and an extremely large menu containing all Canadian-based food options. The games range from virtual to redemption. With over 40,000 square feet for seating and games you are bound to enjoy yourself. 

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