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May 8, 2024
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Apr 26, 2024

10 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Boost Their Digital Marketing Campaigns

As the world slowly returns to normal, the real estate industry has picked up again and is showing positive signs of growth. Given the expected rise of the housing market in 2022, it is a good idea for agents or companies to focus on their marketing strategies. In this day and age, people usually look up properties or houses online, so it’s important for professionals to attract their attention with an engaging digital marketing campaign.

Here are ten great hacks that you can apply to supercharge your real estate digital marketing campaigns and grow your business:

1. Create A User-Friendly Website

This is one of the first things you need to focus on for a successful marketing campaign. When people are searching for properties and houses in a specific neighbourhood or location, they are most likely to contact real estate agents with credible websites. By creating user-friendly and easy-to-navigate web pages, you can build trust, convince potential clients to look at listings, and establish a strong brand.

Make sure that all the information such as an email, short bio, and property visuals are easily accessible. It’s also essential to have a professional real estate logo so that you can create awareness and reach out to a broader audience. Contact us for creating a professional logo for your business.

2. Leverage Social Media Networks

Set up social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or even Instagram where potential buyers can interact with you directly. Post images or videos of homes so that people can get a closer look at properties and ask any questions about pricing, inspection or guidelines about renovations. It’s a good idea to add social proof to the website and incorporate the relevant links on the home page to attract more people.

3. Host Webinars

Promote virtual events and webinars on your web page, social media accounts or via banner ads to engage with potential clients or buyers. Host a Q & A session on various things to know before investing in real estate or give valuable tips and tricks to help people get a good deal on a property they like. Webinars can help you create an effective marketing strategy and help your target audience remember your realtor's business.

4. Conduct A Virtual Tour

In the past two years, there are a lot of businesses have shifted their operations online. Technology has made it easier to engage people with virtual and augmented reality. Provide people with the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the property so they can get an idea of the place beforehand. You can add 3D images with listings and even go live on Facebook or Instagram to interact with the audience in real-time.

5. Add High-Quality Photos

When it comes to creating an effective real estate marketing campaign, the visuals or images are incredibly important. People are looking for high-quality and authentic pictures, which give them a close look at the rooms, kitchen, living room or patio. Consider hiring a professional photographer who has experience in real estate. If you have the equipment and good photography skills, you can also add high-quality images by yourself.

6. Optimize Your Google Business Listing

Given the rising competition in the housing market, it’s crucial for realtors and agents to invest in optimization. Before anything else, focus on creating valuable content and including specific keywords which boost the ranking of your web page in Google’s search results. Establish a strong profile for your business to get a listing on the platform. With a Google business listing, it’s easier to grab the attention of the target audience and gain their trust as well.

7. Maintain A Blog

This is an excellent way to offer unique insights to potential buyers and grow your email list as well. Curate and maintain an engaging blog on your website to attract a wider audience. You can cover a range of topics such as “what to know before looking for a house,” “questions to ask a realtor,” or “tips for buying a property in a rising market.”

It can work very well for keeping visitors on the page for a long time and for convincing them to enter their contact details. Add a subscription form for visitors to sign up and get a weekly newsletter or for more information on buying real estate.

8. Set Up A Live Chat

While it might be quite obvious, having a live chat option on the website can certainly increase visibility and give your marketing campaign a boost. Contact us to install tools to communicate with visitors in real-time and answer any queries they might have regarding your business location, listings or open houses. With a live chat option, you can make a positive impression on potential clients and encourage them to return as well.  

9. Create Long and Short Videos

According to a study, around 86 percent of businesses across various sectors are using videos to market or promote their products and services. This is mainly because more and more people are interested in such content and likely to pay attention. In real estate, you can use video marketing to your advantage and create engaging short ones which showcase key areas of a house or offer useful tips to people.

There are a few professionals who also set up Youtube channels and promote them on their website or social media pages. If you want, create a Vlog and update your followers or subscribers on open houses, nearby listings and popular properties.

10. Increase Awareness With Email Marketing

Even in this day and age, emails generate a lot of interest and have a high click-through rate (CTR). You can engage and interact with existing clients on your email list by sending out personalized emails or nurturing leads through the website. With a lead magnet such as an eBook or consultation, you can convince visitors on the website to provide their emails or contact information.

You can also incorporate Opt-ins which make it easier for people to sign up for newsletters or email alerts. This can make it easier to communicate with potential buyers and promote your realtor's business or services.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the super hacks that can supercharge your real estate digital marketing campaigns. Apply any of these to increase visibility and get the attention of people looking to buy their next residential or commercial property.

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